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August 17, 2011

Procreation is mans duty to his kind, Sexuality in mans duty to his mind..

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Some one once dared to suggest that if we accept LGBTIsm, we may as well go ahead and tolerate paedophilia and beastiality.

Homophobia, just like any other action,is a natural human response to environmental stimuli. Humans are conditioned, culturally and biologically to detect change and adapt accordingly. I have come accross many arguments that claim homosexuality is against nature. First evidence cited is the inability of a gay or lesbian couple to naturally have coitus and produce progeny.
First of all, we need to put a clear demarcation between sexuality and procreation, and view them as independent of the one thing that they may be confused for – sexual intercourse.

Where as procreation is totaly dependent on intercourse between members of the opposite sex, i.e. Male and female because of the obvious biological requirements it entails, sexuality is more about personality and psychological disposition. It is more concerned with satisfying the erotic needs of the mind than it is with the hormonal impulses of the body. It is not burdened by the possibility/need to produce offspring, and thus the biological limitations of pro-creativity do not apply.
Risking, to some extent, the suggestion of a mind – body dualism, I would say that the human body needs not change to accommodate the desires of the mind. But perhaps I am totally off since the existence of intersexed individuals, xxy & xyy chromosomed persons may yet be an indicator of such an evolutionary adaptation.
On the other hand, homophobia can not boast the same nature-based argument. Is it a response to enviromental change? Yes! No question about that, but what enviroment in particular: natural or cultural? I think the answer is rather obvious. And seeing how homophobia has only resulted in violation of other cultural ascribed human rights and freedoms such as right to life, privacy and a dignified existence, I would say that it is a grossly mal-adaptive human action. It doent matter how many “homos” are killed in Uganda, or how many times Eminem mentions the word “faggot” in his lyrics or even how many gay bishops are ordained in the anglican church. If we want to see homosexuality as a problem, the we better brace ourselves because this problem isn’t going away soon.


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