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November 2, 2011

The good reasons of Railophants and Railophobes

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My last post was, to say the least, unusual for me. It was an opinion piece that broke two of my many unwritten rules. Firstly, it was purely politics and secondly, it was based on speculation, assumptions and hyperthetical situations.
I avoid making my political views public because this is Kenya, where every view is adequately sorted, tagged and all similar opinion stuffed in a box that has a label. Here you cannot let your imagination run wild without the fear of committing trespass on other peoples emotional space.

So in publishing the article “Kazi kwa Vijana; politically speaking”, I put my self at risk of being tagged ‘Railophant’- a Raila sychophant- simply because I did not choose the put-up or shut-up brigade. Every other common mwananchi like my self was either joining the lynch mob or keeping quiet for fear of being stuffed into the dreaded ‘railophants’ box but I choose the less popular approach, to look for the ‘real reason’ (or motivations) and not merely the ‘good reason’ (demands for accountability) for the KKV exposé.

It should be understandable therefore when I tell you how anxious I got every time I checked to see the number of views the post had. I visualised my self standing in line with other outspoken individuals as we moved into the sorting office to be tagged.

My fears are not without base. For every ‘Railophant’, there are probably two or more people who love to hate Raila Odinga. For whatever real reasons, a sizeable number always make good of an opportunity to talk about the man. It is quite similar to the way homophobics always find ‘good reasons’ to explain their intolerance; wich could range anywhere between Darwinian Evolution and Religious dogma. Let’s just call them ‘Railophobics’ – for the ‘good reason’ of easier communication.

It was my every intention to publish this prior to yesterdays (2nd Nov) parliamentary proceedings, for the ‘real reason’ of giving myself a safety net and yso that I would not have to swallow my own words. Fortunately, I still don’t have to swallow my words for a number of reasons, real and good.

First being that it became abundantly clear that the main battles today were between the Railophants and Railophobics. And it was fierce. They both stuck to character with each group proudly wearing their tags.

One team however, seemed to be caught unawares by the amount of preparation the man of the day had done and in the end came out looking like ambitious science students who perfectly completed a theoretical review and reckoned thy didn’t need to conduct the research.

Oh they were students alright, eager to impress a man seated right next to the man of the day and in my opinion, failed horribly. Perhaps it would have served them better if the other deputy PM was also present in the house, this is because at one moment he was mentioned as having, at an earlier date, made contributions pertinent to the matter at hand. They would probably have turned their attention at him. Could this be the reason he was conspicuously absent? Or am I back to my usual assumptions?

Also absent were serious fellows who would normally attend any sittings that demand serious contribution; the woman who was at one time “the only man in the cabinet”, the man who is steadily
cutting an Obama-like reputation as he makes waves with exemplary performance in the Gatanga CDF management, and the man who would still vote NO if the referendum was redone today.

There were also those who were present but wanted to act as if they were absent and indifferent to the squabbles at hand. That was till their good intentions betrayed their real intentions when they uttered the word ‘sycophants’ with reference to other members of ‘good intention’. So perhaps I should have published this earlier after all, it should have made all the name calling a lot easier.

“The only way to get better, is to play against a better opponent”- from a Guy Ritchie movie



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