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August 23, 2011

To Mr. Mwangi Chege Mwangi

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I was just going through a friends profile and saw a photo they’ve been tagged on.. One of Raila Odinga wiping a tear after the 2007 vote count melee.. I remember seeing those images and feeling helpless and hopeless. Seeing the man who I believed, and still believe won the election being robbed of our victory. The people spoke but apparently in this country, the voices were not from the correct people.
That a young man, after all that happened following the disputed elections, can actually put that image up and make it his profile picture Knowing full well the emotions it would incite; the memories better forgotten, Knowing that it has the potential to negate any progress that we can ever make in terms of reconciliation given the volatility presented by our ethnic style of politics; would still go ahead and put it up and tagg a considerable number of his tribes men, who proudly express their joy at the moment that exemplified the impunity, intolerance, hate and the whole “uta do?”- mentality that pro establishment forces have. Not one stood to condemn the posting. They few, like my friend, who did not post praises chose not to comment; but my finding the post still up on their wall is disturbing enough for me.
When I openly support Raila for reasons best known to me, I am tagged a fanatic . Simply because am Luo. So what label should be put on those who show exclusive hatred for the man.. Those who were tagged were all Agikuyu and some even commented in gikuyu.
Am not purporting to be a saint. Like most Kenyans I have had my moments of ethnocentrism, but even I realise how powerful a suppressed personal opinion can be when brought to light. When an opinion is negative such as hate, it takes a few reckless utterances for others of the same opinion to stop suppressing the feeling. It becomes acceptable and later normal. Then we start seeing people being forcefully circumcised on the highways, and having their penis amputated simply because their have a different ethnic background.. We see people being burnt in churches and in their homes just coz they are living in the wrong part of the country..
When I see such opinions openly aired, I think to myself, why do I even bother to be diplomatic.. Why I even bother to fight the ethnocentrism around me..
Then I remember my children. The ones I have in the shape of nieces n nephews, friends children and the ones don’t have yet.. They need to breath oxygen as they grow.. Fresh and free of the lies and half truths that we were told. They need to be told about their history in an unbiased way.. They need to know that Jomo and Jaramogi fell off not because of their ethnicity but because of their conflicting views on governance. That they were both principled people who believed their way was the right way to take the country forward. That they both had their flaws, and strengths.. That they both had their independent opinions but unfortunately none of them was Gandhi, or M.L. King.. They where men and not the sacred legends portrayed in the myths we were told.
Raila is not a demi-god.. He is just a man.. But for my community n I, he is what a wise professor once described him as, “a mouthpiece for our frustrations, and a depository for our hopes..”
When you show his tears you remind us why we cry..


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