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November 30, 2011

Love is… 2

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My very good friend’s wedding was themed “Love Just Happens”. The ceremony was held at a beautiful garden in a serene location in the cooler suburbs north of the city.

It was a colourful yet highly sophisticated ceremony that exemplified the pragmatism and inherent respect for culture that the couple of the day had. Looking at it in retrospect, the theme was perfect in the sense that even while betraying the intricately detailed preparations, the ceremony wasn’t a laborious undertaking. Things seem to ‘just’ fall into place with every stage of the ritual smoothly transitioning into the next. It was as if the ceremony was not a performance but a “happening”.

Many times, two people going about their humanly routines oblivious of each others existence, may share the same emotional needs. A number of times such people may go out on nights and sites with hope of meeting the ‘just right’. But on occasion, such two individuals may “just happen” to be on the same path moving towards each other from opposite directions. Each one perhaps running away from what they left behind. As they get nearer, they notice familiarity with their respective mental images of the ‘just right’.

Attraction is never limited to the interpersonal experience. It is always takes some form of cosmic realignment; something like the old cliché PK chewing gum advert when the two bump into each other and bump their heads as they go down to pick up the dropped files (always some form of paper work). Or even the newer bolder version where everything in between them is swallowed up into a non-dimension…

After the stars realign to ensure the two are visible to each other, that is when it stops being automatic. It becomes their time for input. It is up to one to say to the other, ” … You do not want to go to where you are headed, I have just been there and it isn’t too pretty”, and its up to the other to take time to see if they can trust those words. After this encounter, the two will change their course. If they do it together, they go on to create a new, un trodden pathway in the love-cosmos that is built on mutual trust, effort and understanding. If they chose to change course in the opposite directions, then as individuals, they toil twice as hard to create pathways to uncertainty.

Love doesn’t just happen, but is bound to happen. However, it is a grand mistake to think that a destiny does not require hard work. As human beings, we all to often fall into the trap of non-recognition, zero awareness.. If you will. What we need maybe right in our faces but we fail to see it because we are to focused on the search than on the find.

I am happy that I have travelled many pathways; some together with someone and some alone. I am even happier that I feel complete in the current pathway that I travel. I don’t see the end of it and that is the beauty of it because it is an uncertainty that I don’t face alone. I have a partner with whom I share a mutual understanding and loving. We share in the toil of building this ever new superhighway.. And I wish no less to everyone out there who seeks to find love.


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