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December 31, 2012

We can do better in 2013

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Twenty twelve has been a year of discovery, assessment, realignments and most importantly a realization that we are all in this together as a people.

We have managed to breakdown walls that we unconsciously created in our various attempts at movement building. We have been able to speak freely of what we think is not working but have unfortunately not been able to act on what we think works.

As we go into 2013, my personal vision is to see a more collaborative effort in the good fight for equality and full recognition

of the human rights for gender and sexual minorities, not only in Kenya and the region but also throughout Africa and beyond. For this to happen though there needs to be a commonality in vision at the local levels. This will be an uphill task that we have to undertake. We have to challenge the norms that have created an erosion of values. If our idea of enforcing accountability is simply rhetorical and never action oriented, then we shall remain stagnant. If our expectation of the existing groups, organizations and other bodies is simply to receive, then we shall never be self sustainable. If our idea of independence is by turning away any hand that is willing to help simply because it isn’t politically correct in our estimations, then we shall forever be alone. If we refuse to constantly adjust our lenses so that what we need to see is always in good focus, then we shall only embrace what we want to see and miss out on new possibilities.

We are faced with challenging times that offer an opportunity for progress. The year 2012 has seen the injection of new ideas; and their interaction with the already existing ones has the promise of a formidable plan. This interaction has however been marred by breakdowns of communication and lack of a common understanding. The sense of entitlement has rubbed the wrong way with ambition; experience has  done the same with the plight for consideration. The need for structure has seen a battle between organic approaches versus a functional approach. We have failed to draw strength from the Diversity that is found within the rainbow.  

I know all this makes it sound like we have not made any gains and that we face a bleak future. This is not an attempt to downplay the many victories that we have celebrated when have managed to pull together in 2012. I wish that I was able to concentrate on those victories right now and use the success stories as a motivation for 2013, but I would be betraying what I feel at this moment- that consistency in collective victories has not yet been achieved and that we can do much better in the coming year.

2013 is the year, and I wish us all a marvelous time doing this together. I promise to play my part and to encourage as many as I can to do the same.

Yours in love and solidarity,

Jackson Otieno


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