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April 20, 2012

Kalonzo’s Indeciciveness is Annoying

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2-3 days before Kenya announced her oil find, Kalonzo Musyoka was in Khartoum to deliver some “special message” from Kibaki. Shortly after the find, tensions escalated to attacks at the disputed Oil fields between north and south Sudan. We still don’t know what the message was, that needed a presidential representative to act as messenger..

Earlier in the year, a Kenyan judge issued arrest warrants against Bashir to be executed when he sets foot on kenyan soil, citing the concurrence of Kenyan Law with International law. Kibaki/Kalonzo’s side of the coalition again rushed to tell Bashir that he was welcomed as they would “not execute the court order”..

So when I read in todays paper that Kalonzo is concerned that Bashir considers the SPLM (South Sudans legitimate gorverment forming liberation movement) an “insect”; I wonder who he is trying to fool..

Kalonzo is a former Foreign Affairs Minister, and he has in the past 2 years worked hard at cutting an image as a regional leader (using ICC cases involving kenyan suspects as a catapult). It is a worthwhile strategy for a modern day politician.. But if he let’s his annoying watermelon characteristics show up in the international stage, he will be doing himself more harm than he can recover from..

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