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December 7, 2011

December Round-up.. week 1

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As the month proves to be busier than most this year, I find it harder to post blogs as frequently as I would love to. My memo list has quite a number of topics that I wished to research on and share my opinion with you, but where to find the time?

So this morning I decided to bundle up a couple of topics and at least give them a mention while they are still fresh on our minds.
Firstly, the election/devolution discussions. As kenyans continue to make their stand known on the whole election-date fiasco, Isaak Hassan is busy not telling us what he plans to do in the four month period between August and December; he isn’t even telling us what is being done so far. Mean while at the forum organised by the Panel of African Eminent Persons attended by the CJ and PM, sanctity of the constitution and effective implementation of devolution was more or less the theme of the day. Important to note was the absence of the president, or his vice, or any representation of that political half of government.

Up north, Sudan is busy invading South Sudan’s territorial sovereignty with South Sudan’s SPLA no match for their Islamic counterpart. Just a thought; wouldn’t it be appropriate if Sudan was renamed Northern Sudan and the SPLA dropped the ‘peoples liberation’? It seems the war is still far from over.. Speaking of the Sudan, Al-Bashir the ICC fugitive was fuuuurios at the Kenya high court arrest warrant issued against him. Wetangula, of foreign affairs minister made statements on the issue, that to a lay Kenyan like me, and a highly learned Kenyan like the president of the supreme court interpreted as “the government will not obey the court order”.

In Somalia, a TV footage of six Al-Shabaab surrendering to Kenya Army Forces seemed neat and orderly. I thought the Al- shabzizo guys were rough, raw, ruthless militia.. I should acquire a satellite decoder from Eastliegh. I need some alternative reporting on the war. even the ones eloquent and trustworthy visage of the military press man is now stinking of Samuel L. Jackson-esque arrogance. And oh yeah, let’s see if you can freely find any communication equipment in Garrisa Lodge anymore.

How could I almost forget?! Doctors are on strike! I feel sorry for the hippocratic -oath takers. (I assure you, the don’t swear to be pretenders). They deserve all the support they can get. Its not right blaming the death of un-attended patients on doctors without having to stare at the rot in the entire public health and medical services delivery system. Improving service delivery must and should include moral boosting initiatives for the workers in that sector.

I graduated, no we graduated. UoN Anthropology class of 2011. Greatest classmates in the history of schooling! Me? Finally.. Proud.. Partied.. Recovered.. Transcripts…? UoN Bureaucrazy!!! Not talking about that. Except, “am glad am almost through with you guys”.

On a more personal note… I am in love, friends. Am sprung as Kibz, would put it. Its a good thing; all colours are brighter, like everyone is using that magic detergent (not mentioning the name, free advertisement). I am more complete because of my Achie.. I blogged about this in my most recent Love Is…2, and it got double the number of hits of the prior most viewed. Am happy I could share that. Love you bebe!

On another family matter… Two babies in three weeks added to the fam.. Bundles of joy.. Abby and Luela. Added to the demographic of individuals who make me old and proud of titles like uncle. The more hardened ones are Tay and Tyrone and Laetitia whose birthday we celebrate today..

Merry christmas, belated st. Nics, and please Kenyans, try and enjoy despite the high cost of living. Life is too short not to..

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