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September 8, 2011

Where did those women go to

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When they say women mature faster than men.. I don’t think its just a matter of age.. I think it also has to do with their ability to reach a level of understanding at a faster rate than men; especially on matters social and psychological. I’d equate it to emotional intelligence. Women are better equipped to analyse certain scenarios in the domestic sphere and tell with more accuracy what is going on. They do not suffer the androgenic ego that defeats the same purpose in men. A woman is more intuitive and can detect when something is off with her spouse; be it infidelity, work related stress, pressure from in-laws etc. This is because, I tend to believe, they can suppress their egos when making observations. The result is a higher level of objectivity. And most women realize this. They know when they need to intervene on an issue, and when to let time work its magic. They are experts at knowing when to manipulate events and when to ride the wave of decisions made by the family head.
It therefore follows that patience is one virtue that a woman should definitely have if she is to spend the rest of her life with any man..

In this generation, most people are caught up in the quest for vertical social mobility(economical), so much so that horizontal growth in terms of social relations seems to take a back step. In as much as people still feel the need to find love and make a family, not many people would do it at the perceived expense of building their careers. Many modern women would take crap from their bosses and lick the asses of people who can recommend them to exclusive social clubs, for longer periods than they would tolerate a non-supportive husband. While some men would only engage women who they see as enterprising or from a well connected family. Psychologists have argued that women tend to associate in groups that would offer support, while men select team players that offer a variety of expertise.

Where exactly did this “uvumilivu” disappear to? Is it that most young women are the products of a generation of parents who were caught up in the perils of a capitalist economy that contrasted their traditional collective socialist backgrounds; that they forgot to teach the importance of a woman’s contribution in home making?


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